Coca Cola Olympics Atlanta 1996 bottles

1996_Summer_Olympics_logoThe summer Olympics in 1996 was an one for Coca-Cola. Why?? Because it was held at Atlanta, Georgia which happens to be the home of Coca-Cola. As a result, countless, memorabilia items were created and that includes the iconic glass bottle to celebrate the world sporting event.

Atlanta’s bid to host the summer Olympics Games was considered a long shot as another American city had only hosted one barely 12 years before. Los Angeles hosted the 1984 Summer Olympics. Atlanta triumphed over such cities like Tokyo, Athens, Belgrade, Manchester, Melbourne, and Toronto. In fact Athens was at one point the front runner as the 1996 Summer Olympics was the 100th anniversary of the games due to sentiment. After all, the Olympics is said to originate from Greece.

In conjunction with the Games, Coca-Cola built the Coca-Cola Olympic City on an 8 acre plaza in downtown Atlanta. It featured 3 areas on Olympic based virtual reality sports attractions.