Collecting Coca-Cola Memorabilia

fakecocacolaAs Coca-Cola is a famous brand, there are lots of memorabilia produced for it. While there are officially made ones, there are also a lot of cheap imitations.

The imitations can be found in the street markets or even souvenir shops. Normally there are T-shirts, fridge magnets or similar items.

As a result, it is often tough to distinguish between what is real or those cheap knock-offs (which have no value at all). There are also cases where these imitations are made to age so that it can pass off as the real McCoys. Examples of these imitations made to age include signboards, vending machines, mirrors, etc.

In order not to be caught holding unto imitations, it would be good to specialize. Meaning you become the expert and therefore are able to separate the wheat from the shaft. One could specialize in collecting glass bottles only. Or metal signboards. Or bottle caps.

We can also specialize in collecting more recent stuff. Thus taking away the uncertainty of buying a fake.

Internet had made it so much easier to collect Coca-Cola memorabilia. You can visit specialized online stores to buy such items. Again do proceed with caution. Ideally it would be good to buy from a reputable online store. Why? This is because in the event if there are any dispute, it is more likely for these stores to give in to your demand to escape unwanted attention.

Ebay is a fantastic place to shop for memorabilia. Just click on this to go and see the vast treasure trove of Coca Cola memorabilia. The only issue would be where you have enough money in your wallet to buy.