Guide to Buying Commemorative Coca-Cola Bottles

coca-cola-coke-distinctive-bottleCoca-Cola and other bottles had been collected around the world for more than 100 years. Go to any general antique shop or car boot sale, more often not you will find an old glass bottle for sale. This article to provide a short guide on how to buy a commemorative glass bottle. Though we are primarily talking about commemorative Coca-Cola bottles, this methods applies to buying all sort of commemorative bottles.

As with all highly sought after collectible, there are lots of antique Coca-Cola bottles which are fake. While the bottle itself maybe genuine, by filling it up with Coca-Cola or other dark liquid and sealing it with a rusty old Coca-Cola cap, the value of the bottle will increase exponentially. So buyers beware; especially you find an old bottle from the 1950s that still have its content in it.

Nevertheless it is still fun to go hunting for older (if not antique) Coca-Cola bottles in the antiques market. Or even the weekend antique market when we go on our holidays for example the Portobello Road Market when we visit London. Who knows? You may uncover a gem in the midst of chaotic atmosphere.

The next place to go is the internet. The are specialized websites that sells such commemorative bottles but they tend to be rather expensive. The positive point in acquiring the Coca-Cola bottles this way is that you are able to complete a set as we just be missing that one bottle.

Another good areas to search for commemorative Coca-Cola bottles is eBay. There are so many people selling on eBay these days that you will be spoil for choice. Auction prices of older bottles from the 90s can start as low USD1. The only negative thing is that you may either overpay if you are not in control of your emotion or be extremely disappointed for not winning an auction.

The other way to amass great numbers of commemorative Coca-Cola bottles is to join a Coca-Cola collectors club. There are probably local chapters of national clubs located near where you stay. By joining such clubs, you may even use the meetings to swap our extra bottles for the ones you don’t have. And you don’t have to use any money!!!

So have fun collecting….