Large Coca Cola glass bottle from Thailand

largecocacolabottlethailandBought this glass bottle in Thailand in a recent trip there. It is rather rare. If you think that you can find this in the supermarket or groceries store, then you are in for a disappointment. Initially I thought that I could pick this up at those supermarkets, just like the 10 baht type (which is found readily available at the 7-11 stores everywhere in Thailand.

Guess where I found the bottle? In one of shops in the backlanes in the middle of nowhere. In truth I felt a bit apprehensive walking in the backlanes, just looking for such bottles. Well, for the sake of building my Coca-Cola glass bottles collection, I had to be bold. So those of you who are Coca-Cola glass bottles collectors, this is what you need to do. In addition there was a language barrier. I was trying to make them understand that I want the glass bottle together with its contents. They seemed to think that I just want a drink. So with great difficulties using sign language, I managed to get this.

Of course it is not in pristine condition. So I had to look and look. Turning the bottles around to look for rack marks. Ohh…. The amount of stares I get…

The other place where I manage to get another glass bottle was at a Chinese restaurant. I was there for dinner and staring back at me in the middle of the table is this bottle. So managed to get 2 bottles for my collection.